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  Tonya  N. Cummings (CEO/Founder)

Cheryl Duff (COO/Products & Events)

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Welcome to TC Total  Wellness™

This is where Women can find peace of mind, stillness, energy, and find themselves again.  We show women how to find their inner strength to get through everyday life stages of being a woman, a mother, a wife.

Our Mission...

TC Total Wellness mission is to show women how to live a stress-free lifestyle through Yoga Nidra Meditation and The 7 Principles to Lifestyle Wellness Principles™

Pregnant Women

Do you want to have an empowering pregnancy?


Whether you are a new mom, stay-at-home mom, or mom of grown children, are you stressed out?

Working Women

Is your job stressing you out? Trying to meet all your deadlines and projects.

Did You Know.....

In Yoga Nidra you leave the Waking State, go through the Dreaming State, and into the Deep Sleep State, yet fully awake.

What is The 7 Principles To Lifestyle Wellness™?

The 7 Wellness Principles are incorporated into your existing lifestyle to help you renew, acknowledge, and incorporate into the New You!

Why the Number 7?

*it is the foundation of God's word

*completeness and perfection of the physical and spiritual


What is Yoga Nidra?

Guided meditation to bring relaxation, calmness, clarity, through many levels of mental process to arrive at your inner "aha"

Sleep Away
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